The Breakthrough Experience

The Breakthrough Experience


I have never heard of him before, but I have heard of his work into ‘The Secret’.

But apparently, this man is changing several lives with a method of self-understanding and perception analysis. If you watch him talking, what a character, he looks probably around 10 years younger than his 50’s . He will lock your attention with arguments of human behavior that makes so much sense, based in quantum theory, theology and teleology studies, several years of philosophical and scientific research and so much passion for his work that inspiration comes straight away with it!

Dr. Demartini  ( has a background as Chiropractic doctor and have written more than 40 books on several ‘mind-catching’ subjects.

The Breakthrough Experience was a weekend event, happening at a very smart hotel in Kensington, London. Dr. Demartini has developed a method using series of exercises to review and confirm people’s values, making them understand how to know what they are and what they want and even how to get what they want, but more importantly, to let it go of emotional charges from the past.

The gentleman is on stage and asked if someone from the audience have lost people in their family and still feel sorrow for it. About 10 people raised their hands but as the microphone passes from hand to hand, none of the stories fascinated him enough. Until this girl, who was volunteering in the seminar production mentioned that she felt guilty when her father died and she wasn’t present.

He invites the girl to come to the stage and we can all watch her cheeks becoming pink and listen her heart galloping. Dr. Demartini is about to lead her to a “breakthrough”, a letting it go of emotional past unresolved things, one of those look-like sensational emotional healers that we hear or watch in television but rarely believes in it.

The girl on the stage, sitting down and the man, dressed in a suit, writes on a board what is she still missing about her father. She looks a bit shy in the beginning but she soon embraces the challenge and start “playing the game”.

The man of knowledge in her life, her father was a director of few associations, a successful lawyer who worked on high post in the government, social politics critic writer and an honest family man but also very disciplined, with strong opinions and his own way to run a family.

Appointing what she misses about her father, Dr. Demartini poses questions about the high and lows of her relationship with him, also questioning about the changes on her and her family’s life now. He analyses the ups and downs on the consequences of his death, and suddenly he makes her realize that she does miss the fantasy of the fathers’ image and not the reality of facts. After a sweaty effort to express her deepest feelings in front of 100 people, she recognizes some improvement in those areas, new guides and people in her life, other masculine roles of friends and her older brother. They are as feisty as each other as words of understanding are coming out, they joke to that intensively, as emotional jugglers. Tears come down her face to meet her smile and she opens up layer per layer.

Through the exercise, Dr. Demartini digs her perceptions on her father, getting a picture of her family situation and incredibly translating it out as he knew her family for years, leading her conscious understanding of the reasons why her absence on her fathers’ death was the right thing to happen, as it just did.

The clever healer then asks her to pick in the audience someone that had something like her father, and she straight away pick himself because of his conviction and intelligence. Surprised, he then sits down with his eyes right in front of hers, quite closely and asks her to speak to him as if he was her father. She is covered in tears by then and on a trembling microphone she says how much she wished to have spent more time with him, declaring her love and admiration.

Once she looks back to the room, half of the audience were smiling and crying at the same time, many souls could identify themselves with parts of her struggle living the love for her family.

If that is a breakthrough, wow, I just know that it was an incredible moment of truth.

Dr. Demartini’s seminars in London are organized by Olmaya Institute of Wisdom.

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