When I was 15 my auntie gave me a Canon-A1 and that was it. As soon as I understood I could stop time, I decided that would be my super power. In silence, we can contemplate the moments and its inumerous layers and details. Photographing is my favourite hobbie (head to head with dancing) and I will keep it as the illustration of my life. Available for selected projects.


Something happens to ones body when they visit a new place, when they are in a new environment. And in this wonderful world so diverse and beautiful, I make the chance to explore.


What fascinates me on people is our singularity, our uniqueness. But what makes me curious about humans is how we connect through finding our connections, our similarities.


By this point, you may have got that the arts, dance, music and food and people around it are the fuel of my endless personal research. Documenting culture is my bliss.

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