The concept of an event seems so simple, yet, one of the most complex working practices to make it happen. Events are gateways to communicating, networking, and making connections that matter. It’s here that the people gather, each looking to engage it in their own purpose, and great exchanges unfold. It should come as no surprise that it’s a dream come true for me to set so many events into motion and to propel into others. I’ve also worked on numerous festivals, conferences, sporting events and gigs.
Flexibility and versatility is my specialty.

Comida Fest
Project Based Work

Hire me for:

* Consultancy
* Cultural & Communication Strategies
* Event Conception Production & Communication
* Artistic Career Advices
* Presenting & Interviews
* Thought-Provoking Talks & Speeches


    This arts organization has been a prime, highly-anticipated concept in London since 2008; promoting Brazil through various events. The organization has delivered more than 60 events so far, working with more than 245 artists to date. Braziliarty even enjoyed the privilege of working at the V&A, Science Museum, and took the Press Awards Brazil for the Best Cultural event (2012).

    Purpose: To display and unveil the reality of Brazil through the arts; experimenting with various formats to challenge the status quo and offer a fresh perspective (and new opportunities) beyond cultural stereotypes.



  • This Latin American Street Food Festival takes place in London. Since its birth in 2016, the success of the event has only been on the rise. In fact; in 2017 around 50,000 flocked to the festival during its 3-weekend showdown during the summer season.

    Purpose: To make the Latin American community heard and seen throughout London’s market scene. The overarching goal is to promote and support the community’s ability to start businesses, while encouraging cultural development. Comida Fest uses food as a tool to promote cultural diplomacy; the key to promoting our social, commercial and tourism sectors.

    Discover more here.

  • Project Based Work


    Throughout the years, I had the chance to choose which projects to work with. Each was a journey of learning and achievement. And here are some that I am proud to have been part of it.

    Campfire happened between 2010-2015 and it was a night of life stories sharing where successful people in the arts, technology and business spoke monthly at the Lighthouse, ditto creative agency in London. As the Cultural Ambassador, I did the production and programming of the talks, supported the radio shows, curated and produced exhibitions at the ditto doors space and ran two student online festivals of music and film. Incredible times!


    Climate Bonds Initiative, gave me the oppotunity to contribute towards climate change, since the conception of its Annual Conference and Green Bond Awards. This still young event has taken the leading position of its type in the world, gathering in 2017, over 500 delegates at the Guildhall in London. Amongst its visitors, it included global authorities, fiannce specialists and high profile investors. Proud to be the Producer and Event Manager. Discover more about the conference here.

    Elevate is a festival of political discourse, music and the arts that happens in Austria since 2005. Although my contribution was only in a couple of editions in the communications team, working with live interaction on social media during the talks, this is an event that has had a great impact in my life. Elevate raised my awareness and knowledge about several relevant topics and got me in touch with extraordinary people, doers much needed in our world. Find our more about Elevate here!

    My engagement with EBBF is pretty new and hopefully it will last a long time. I have been invited to a think-tank to develop the new website of this 28 years old global learning organisation inspired on the Baha’is principles to improve businesses on an ethical and social level. I’m already fascinated by the profiles of the people involved and the amount of events and opportunities they have to offer.  Keep an eye on this.