Braziliarty is a social enterprise created after the award-winning project Braziliality, a platform for the promotion of Brazilian arts and culture abroad with a portfolio of 44 independent events produced between 2008 and 2014. Braziliarty follows the ethic of Braziliality to work in collaborations and partnerships to develop projects.

Braziliality was an independent cultural project, showcasing artwork by Brazilian artists and international artists inspired by Brazil, creating a 360-degree perspective of the influence of contemporary Brazilian art and culture around the globe. Braziliality began in July 2008 in London, and in five years has presented the work of over 203 artists from 22 countries in 42 events. The project exhibited mainly in three locations, Soho, Camden and Shoreditch in partner venues such as 16mm Deli Cafe & Screening Room, Made in Brazil and Floripa.

Braziliality was part of Hackney Wicked Festival with the exhibition I am Braziliality’ including 42 artists in July 2011 at Forman’s Smokehouse Gallery. In 2012 Braziliality took part of the Late at V&A hot Brazil with over 18 artists and collaborators, creating an installation for the main foyer and an interactive intervention simulating a live soap opera, where the audience were the actors of a story about Queen Victoria & Albert going to Brazil on the 19th Century.

In these six years, Braziliality collaborated with partners such as the V&A Museum, Forman’s Smokehouse Gallery, Monorex, Magazine Jungle Drums and Leros, Brazilian News, Canal Londres, Latin America Bureau, ABC Trust and Festinho festival, Festival Visual Brasil in Barcelona, Displacement Project in Berlin Fourth Plinth Project in Trafalgar Square Pedal Power, PLANarama, Cachaça Abelha, Favela Chic and Floripa.

Braziliarty is currently developing its business plan and looking for investors for the future.

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Braziliality at ‘Friday Late at V&A’ from Braziliarty on Vimeo.

  • sanfordlogos

In 2008 the Sanford Housing Co-op had a celebration of arts. Eight houses transformed their recently renovated kitchens into mini art galleries showing the work of artists living in the houses. The event was also to inaugurate the project ‘Recycle Stage and Bike Shed’; a landscape construction made with railway slippers and designed by Christos Choraits.

In 2009 the Sanford yearly festival was re-named and accommodated activities for kids, and three stages. The Sanford Collective theatre group showcased the play on the festival and at the Scoop. The ‘FolkUs festival’ was held as a cultural event in the Sanford housing Co-op including three stages, an art gallery inside the bike shed, a vintage bus converted into a cinema space, art performances and activities for kids. Around 1000 people attended the festival.

In 2010, seeing the need to have one event for the cooperative members to socialise amongst themselves we created the Pirate PicNic. Happening in June, this part was created for Sanford members to share food, dress up and have fun. See the images of this great day:

The Folk Us 2010 presented the Sanford Collective with their new play and again music and frolics for the whole night. See more images here.
In 2011, Folk US grown on its organisation, welcoming over 1250 people, running two stages this time, Sanford showcased the work of over 30 artists, between musicians, Djs and Vjs.
In 2012, the Pirate Pic Nic became the Vagabond’s Banquet and after an absolute feast of amazing food cooked by ourselves, a spontaneous jam got together Sanford’s music talent.

  • logotranscience

A series of 13 events, during the first few months of 2007. 39 Dj’s and Music producers have played at ‘Transcience’ and partners included Alchemy Records, Frolic and The World Land Trust. During three months the event raised money for the protection of 11 acres of Amazonian forest.