Born and raised in Brazil, I have been working the Creative Industries since 1998 in Brazil, France, US and London. My experience in events began in Brazil, when  at 17 years old, I became the head of the student commission to organize the graduation events during three days, for 350 students and 1000 guests, in the Marista School where I studied for 13 years. Since then, I was engaged in events organisation and promotion.

In Brazil, I worked as a marketing consultant for fashion brands, and in my 11 years of career in fashion my achievements include the Breast Cancer Campaign events in Brazil and New York and working for the best luxury brands in the world such as Gucci, Prada and Dior in London.

In 2007, Craig Niemen and I created ‘Transcience’ at Proud Galleries in Camden, London. The project introduced electronic music, performances, fashion and photography to the gallery programme and raised funds to the World Land Trust. Within three months, the event raised money for the protection of 11 acres of Amazonian forest. After this project I decided to change the focus my career to create events that can contribute to social awareness of global and current subjects and issues. While studying, I created ‘Braziliality’, a non-for-profit project promoting the art made by Brazilians or by artists inspired in Brazil.

This cross-cultural celebration of the Brazilian influence in the arts world has been happening since July 2008 in Soho and it became the Community Interest Company, social enterprise, Braziliarty.

At the same time, I worked as a freelance event manager for several businesses including Pixar and Nokia, as well as working in the major art venues in London such as Tate Modern, National Portrait Gallery, Roundhouse and Sommerset House to name a few. After concluding a MA Enterprise & Management for the Creative Arts at University of the Arts London, I worked at as a Cultural Ambassador running ditto’s cultural programme with the monthly storytelling night Campfire. In August 2012, I travelled for nine months through seven countries on a cultural and spiritual experience. Back in London, I am currently working as a freelance producer for cultural events as well as researching and writing a business plan and other projects.


The National Arts Fundraising School – Management Centre

Emerging Leaders – Clore Leadership Programme

Distinction MA Enterprise & Management for The Creative Arts – UAL UK

Fashion Design & Business – UFMG Brazil

Certificates and awards:

  • Art Direction CSM UK
  • Working in TV and Research Production/ Film Art Department CSM UK
  • Digital Photography LCC UK
  • Photoshop LCC UK
  • Fashion Media Business LCF UK
  • Fashion Styling CSM UK
  • Fashion Journalism CSM UK
  • Cultural Production at ‘Grupo Galpao’ Brazil


Alicia Bastos CV March15