Manifesting Cinderland in Hawaii

Manifesting Cinderland in Hawaii


Located in one of the ‘lushest’ areas of the world, amongst lava rocks and tropical forests, the Hilo area of the Big Island in Hawaii has an incredible concentration of aware minds. It could be the ley lines, or the 19.5 degrees location of the Island with all the power of the exuberant nature that attracts the connection of those souls but I found there some of the most (sur)real places to be in Earth. Real because it doesn’t work under the rules of modern society or the pressures of consumerism, it flows with freedom of choice, faith in the human potential of making things happen.

I was sent to Cinderland by a friend, Wes, who I met in Oahu, while talking about searching for a self-sustainable lifestyle to inspire my future. I mentioned that, during my travels, I wanted to stay in a farm or a community and from his words I should “get in touch with Jesus, Cinderland is the place to be”. Jesus, the creator of the one of the most self-sustaining communities around Pahoa and Hilo, is the enlightened man who had a vision to build a collaborative common living space that would survive on its abundant natural resources. Cinderland was created around the idea of sharing and building something together, inspired by communities that already existed around the Hilo area about 15 years ago.


With the land made of lava rocks that overflowed the Mauna Kea volcano in the beginning of the 60’s, the jungle camp looks like a tropical delight, with water coming directly from fresh sources; coconut, avocado, star fruit, liliko’i, abu, tangerine, papaya and other fruit trees; and pineapple, basil, orchids and many other sources of goodness growing organically.

Cinderland offers woofing opportunities and it works as a hostel costing ten dollars per night, or fifty per week including one day of communal work. Everyone there is welcome to help themselves to the food available naturly around.

Meals are all shared and there are planned days such as the Taco Tuesday that gathers the community and surrounding neighbors to share an evening of excellent drumming music, dancing and great food.

The 3 acres of land accommodates two girls and one boys’ dormitories, one woofing dorm and about 8 private camps, it can accommodate in general a maximum of 60 people. Made of resistant tarpauling and ropes, the camp roofs has lasted the heavy rain and heat of 12 years and its made on really low cost, but the designs are effective and it creates a tribal feeling around the property.

For me the experience of a place and the people that it attracts – Cinderland is indeed the place to be yourself. Resourceful and generous minds create an extremely comfortable environment so anyone that comes around feels free to be themselves.


Jesus came to find me at the airport and arriving in Cinderland I was warmly hugged, looked in the eyes by smiley faces saying ‘welcome home’. It instantly felt home and a cozy relaxing feeling took over me. The residents are from a great variety of places, many from the mainland but also Russians, French and other nationalities, and vary from 19 to 60 years old. In fact it doesn’t really matter where you are from, your creed or colour, or why are you are there, but who you really are. Many of them came from usual lives in the cities, with careers and had then gone through the greatest realization of what really matters in their life. Some of them have been there for over 10 years and some others have just arrived with no date to go. The conversations that happened were lessons in exchanges, a respectful sharing of fundamental knowledge and acceptance of each individual’s journeys.

And beyond that, the kindness of introducing new people to the local magnetism and how to resonate towards consciously influencing lives’ courses, including our own. Meaning, I personally experimented in Hawaii and more specifically in the Big Island, this quantum connection of wishing something and having that happen as perfectly as it should be. Spooky coincidences? I call it divine harmony, and if that was caused by my openness to the local energies and allowing mine to vibrate within, I won’t ever be able to prove it. And I don’t mean to either, because, I only need to believe that it happened to me, more than a few times consistently and there is no mystery about it.


They call it ‘manifesting’: putting an intention to what is needed, being present and attentive, and careful not to only want something for the sake of greed but trusting it to happen if it is needed to.

During my short week at Cinderland, I realised that there were infinite possibilities for developing self-knowledge and the continuously sharing environment and lifestyle can be beneficial to several levels of human existence. Manifesting works specially if we are connected to our higher selves, free of judgemental thoughts and living unconditional love.

Many thanks to all lessons and inspiring week with my friends from Cinderland.


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