Mutate Britain

Mutate Britain


Joe Rush started to use recycled material do make kinetic art  since late 70’s and in 1984 he founded the Mutoid Waste Company as a collective of multi-media artists. Since then, the group gathers works of  all sorts of mediums from old german airplane made into beast, until edgy spirited figures between comics and Mad Max’s props .

Mutoid has build giant mechanical insects that wondered in festivals around the world and their art is worth watching carefully  through screws, bike chains and a provocative sense of humour.

Joe’s talent in inspiring mind-blowing art made of all sorts of wasted bits and bobs, is highly respected in the contemporary art world, having worked with Banksy and collectors like Damien Hurst.

The show ‘ Mutate Britain’ in December 2009, in a warehouse in Portobello Road was overwhelming  with so many incredible art displayed in a freely decorated urban environment. The wasted material becomes there highly valued and prices are just fair for most of the pieces, other affordable items to have at home or rare designs for collectors.

The environmental perspective of Mutoid’s work added to the ‘kicking the boundaries’ ideas have made contribution to the recognition of kinetic art.

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