Decode at V&A

Decode at V&A


It is time! Digital designs are the sensation of the V&A this winter. The Decode exhibition presents 41 works from 37 established artists and collectives from December 09 until March 10.

See pieces from pioneers such as German Julius Popp and Dan Brown to trendy local artists such as Troika, Jason Bruges and Chris O’Shea.

The show is a lot of fun with the opportunity to interact with most of the pieces. Kids can’t stop playing and it’s amusing to watch adults get in the wave!

Some of the works deserved a better location in the room, which was truly, too small for so many interesting works. Maybe that is why the exhibition spread into other areas in the V&A and even across the road into the Science Museum. Look out for it!

The importance of this exhibition, also curated by onedotzero, is to bring digital design to the artistic level that it merits; exploring code, interactivity and network.

Technically speaking, it is important to highlight that sometimes technology can let the art down.  The incredible attendance on its first days  according to the museum staff have maybe tested the  resistance of the artworks and in some cases if the technology fails the art is gone.

And yes, there is always opportunities for improvement, especially in terms of displaying a number of art and technology pieces in the same room, screens need to evolve and more space is necessary for the next time to allow more design to the exhibition space. I wish to have seen some prints of the collection that the V&A has recently started with the Technocultures Project.

Decode is already a huge success for its importance in the world of digital art, and a great thing to do with friends, kids and dates! Look up for the events scheduled and don’t miss it.

Venetian mirror by Fabrica

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