Action towards fashion industry development!

Action towards fashion industry development!


The fashion industry needs help. Its time to discuss major issues with the industry and how we can make it more about style than waste and non-sense consumption.

The Ethical Fashion Forum was founded in London envisioning working on environmental and social problems and helping to develop fashion in a sustainable way. The EEF is formed by 20 members businesses and have a very strong board and supporting organizations such as LDA, ULtd and the Department of the International Development of the UK Government.

Within their actions, EEF builds partnerships with major trade shows in London, Paris and Hong Kong, inspiring the discussion in the fashion production, as well as providing employment support in Africa. They also offer consultancy for businesses offering training and supporting the sector, as well as sustainable sourcing events, fashion awards, and an innovation competition.

The Ethical Fashion Forum have already 2000 members over 70 countries and it is reaching thousands of people, in the production level and supply chain and they do have a voice to influence changes for a stylish and better world.

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