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MA Research

‘The cultural contribution of new media art events:

developing digital cultural capital in London

This research focuses on the measurement of the cultural contribution of new media art events to London. It develops the concept of ‘digital cultural capital’ by adapting the concept of ’cultural capital’ devised by sociologist Pierre Bourdieu for the digital age. The objective is to give relevance to social and cultural studies, specifically in terms of digital culture and the arts. In this dissertation, new media art events considered art exhibitions and installations, art fairs, festivals, conferences and other public events that provide information, education and entertainment based on art and technology over the last ten years in London. This paper includes three case studies, 11 interviews with key people in the field, a 10 years timeline of new media art events, a glossary and one DVD with 2 videos.

Case studies since 2008:

  • Glade Festival
  • ICA Management
  • onedotzero
  • Musion Academy
  • Kinetica Art Fair


  • EVA 2008
  • EVA 2009
  • UCL Festival of Moving Image 2009

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